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Traders Creed Charities

2020 Donations 


Triple One Fund [Pee Dee Pups] 

The Triple One Fund; the Animal Coalition Unlimited is a small group of animal caring people will make a difference for the ones we touch and help.

You can help by making a donation [Link]



OUR VISION IS THAT one day all people living in Katy, Texas will have a place to call home within a supportive community.

OUR MISSION IS to inspire hope and promote healing for the homeless of Katy, TX through intentional acts of love, cultivation of community, and networking of area resources.

You can help by making a donation [Link]

2019 Donations 


Katy Volunteer Fire Department 

 The Katy Fire Department provides many community services and host events and programs throughout the year.

Car Seat Safety
Katy Fire Department currently has three Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPS Techs) who are certified in car seat and booster seat installation and checks.

Community Outreach
Katy Fire Department offers the opportunity for you to request a crew of Katy Firefighters and an apparatus to visit your "safety related" event, ride in your parade or give fire safety education speeches and presentations to your students/employees. This educational experience will be held at your facility within the City of Katy. 

Fire Station Tour
One of the best ways to learn about the Katy Fire Department and the First Responders who serve the Katy Community is to take a station tour. Tours of all three fire stations available. Fire station tours generally last between 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of your group and the age range of those attending.


Texas Narcotics Officers 

The primary purpose of the T.N.O.A. is to fight the “War On Drugs”.

 Revenue generated by this campaign will benefit the T.N.O.A. and the citizens of Texas in many ways. Our Community and civic involvement is endless. Listed below are some of the programs we are involved in on and ongoing basis year to year.

 *T.N.O.A.  supports and fights for better and stronger laws and legislation involving Drugs and Drug Traffickers, keeping them off the streets making our children and our neighborhoods safer.

 *T.N.O.A. provides up to date narcotic training for all law enforcement officers throughout the state, necessary to fight the “War On Drugs”.

 *T.N.O.A. is involved in many other community and civic activities such as youth and organized sports activities, drug free functions, etc.

 *T.N.O.A.provides officer assistance programs \ also benevolent fund (both accidental and killed in the line of duty benefits.

 *T.N.O.A. is involved in Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs throughout Texas.


Harris County Fraternal Order Police 

Helping families’ of officers who have been hurt or injured in the line of duty, and in promoting public relations, and of course the Cops & Kids program. We certainly appreciate your support in helping us to better serve and protect our communities.