Product Care


Generally, metal art only needs the occasional dusting to keep cobwebs or dust from gathering. Use a dry, soft cloth to lightly rub off dust. It is emphasized that the cloth should be soft and clean, as a dirty or grimy rag will only cause damage.

To remove fingerprints, first remove any dust from the work to reduce the chance of scratching the metal art with loose grains. From there, use your cleaning solution on microfiber cloth, to gently wipe off the fingerprints.


You can simply use a damp cloth and for deeper cleaning, Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner & Polish is an all-in-one frame glazing cleaner and polisher that is safe for use on glass, acrylic and other plastics, and most hard, shiny surfaces such as metal picture frames. The cleaner is ammonia-free and alcohol-free, making it safe for both the frame and the art. Brillianize not only cleans glazing, it reduces static charge on and around the frame, helping to prevent dust buildup. For removing fine scratches and polishing you can use the Novus products or Brillianize polish.

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