Wall Art - Metal

Below you can browse our range of durable and long lasting metal wall art for your home or office. Some great pieces without braking the bank. You can also browse specific themed piece including patriotic metal art, investing and stock market art.

What is Metal Wall Art Exactly?


Custom 0.1” aluminum metal prints are simple to understand from the term itself. They are images that are printed on a metal sheet particularly an aluminum sheet. They present image in a modern and aesthetic way with high-definition clarity of the images.


How are Metal Wall Art Made?


Metal picture prints are created using a process called dye sublimation. There is also a traditional method in which image printing is done directly on the metal surface but it can get damaged or scratched off easily. With dye sublimation, the image is infused directly as a hard coating to give longevity to the image and protects it from any harm. As a result, a stunning art piece from your very own images is created depicting vibrant colors and a unique depth is given to the subjects in the images.


How Big can Metal Image Prints be?


Traders Creed largest available is 24” x 36” Vertically or Horizontal.


Can Metal Image Print be Framed?

Actually, you don’t need a frame around custom metal image prints as they are scratch-proof and water-resistant. Plus, metal image prints stand out better with the color-popping effect if left unframed.


How to Clean Metal Wall Art?


You might think that since metal prints are made of metal (aluminum), cleaning it with water will make it rust over time. But, that’s not true. Since the metallic prints are water-proof, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth or a dry cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. You can directly spray the cleaner on the surface without any fear and wipe it off clean. Although, just because we say they are water-resistant, that doesn’t mean you can wash it off with a hose or immerse it in water. Only the part of your wall art is water-proof is the front, the rest isn’t.


How Long do Metal Image Prints Last?

Since high-quality metal prints are water-proof, they can typically last for 40 years no matter how carelessly you handle them. If you handle well, then you can add ten more years to the already lifespan mentioned of it.


Can you Hang Metal Image Printing Outside?


Yes, you can! You always wanted to hang art outdoors of your home, right? Well, metal prints will fulfill your wish to hang your favorite art in the garden, patio, swimming pool or even the yard. But make sure you don’t end up hanging it in a way where it directly meets the sunlight. There are chances that the lifespan of the images on metal prints might get reduced due to it.