Fundraiser - Bring Home My Interpreter & Police Officer

Hello everyone my name is Natalie and I’m a Marine spouse along with a former Dept of State Contractor. I spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan along side my husband for many years in the Middle East. These past two weeks the situation in Afghanistan has broken our hearts dearly. While overseas I worked on the biometrics contract training Afghan Police Officers to build, maintain, and manage the biometrics systems that were instrumental in capture of many Taliban enemies that targeted US forces. Unfortunately I have an Afghan Officer that has been left behind, and an Interpreter family. While trying to help them safely get to the gate for extraction we encountered many hurdles. While on FaceTime I witnessed the abuse Taliban was enduring on Afghan people. I witnessed them running crowds of people over with vehicles and the first SVET outside the gate at evening time. I will never forget the cries of young children scared during this traumatic attempt to leave. The very next day while trying to get them to safety we had to call them back as boots on ground waiting for them notified me 2 more SVET went off killing US Marines and Sailor. The last American US forces plane as left the country leaving them behind. I’m working with entities here to get their SIV visas approved that were started last year in December 2020 the best I can. For now our only hope is to get them flights out of Pakistan and to Mexico to have a safer and closer location to wait out their visas coming through so they may reunite with family that are already current green card holders in the USA. The funds will pay for their flights, Mexico visa, and left over funds to get them clothes. If we are able to go past the projected amount that will help get them more items they need once here as they are leaving everything behind for safety. Hopefully we can rescue the 7 people that loyally stood by us in Afghanistan and only wish to live.