Wall Art - Acrylic

Our range of durable acrylic wall art is a great edition to your home or office. Protected from harmful UV rays, and protected from moisture damage, it's a great way to have great looking wall art with piece of mind. A range of themes including financial, banking, patrioticinvesting and more.

What is Acrylic Wall Art Exactly?


Acrylic prints are simple to understand from the term itself. Utilize a proprietary process whereby the print face is adhered to 1/5” high-gloss acrylic. They present image in a modern and aesthetic way with high-definition clarity of the images. You can also view our metal wall art collection here.



How Big can Acrylic Image Prints be?


Traders Creed largest available is 24” x 36” Vertically or Horizontal.


Can Acrylic Print be Framed?


Actually, you don’t need a frame around acrylic prints as they are shatter resistant, lighter than glass and water-resistant. Plus, acrylic prints stand out better with the color-popping effect if left unframed.


How to Clean Acrylic Wall Art?


Any non-abrasive works best. However, don’t wipe the back of the acrylic where the image is printed. Wiping gently the front will remove dust.

You can simply use a damp cloth and for deeper cleaning, Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner & Polish is an all-in-one frame glazing cleaner and polisher that is safe for use on glass, acrylic and other plastics, and most hard, shiny surfaces such as metal picture frames. The cleaner is ammonia-free and alcohol-free, making it safe for both the frame and the art. Brillianize not only cleans glazing, it reduces static charge on and around the frame, helping to prevent dust buildup. For removing fine scratches and polishing you can use the Novus products or Brillianize polish.




How Long do Acrylic Image Prints Last?


Generally when in doors and well kept, they can last as long as the metal prints (40 yrs+). If you handle well, then you can add ten more years to the already lifespan mentioned of it.


Can you Hang Acrylic Image Printing Outside?


This is definitely a noguarantee. Some websites claim that digital acrylic prints can be hung outside. It can, the acrylic will last; but it’s the image that will fade. Ours only offers 90% UV protection. The back is made of non-waterproof material.