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The stock market is going through tumultuous times right now. Thanks to global affairs, the global economy is under assault.

The three major United States indices are in the bear market territory. However, the sharp decline has reversed course and there are buying opportunities out there. You can now acquire solid stocks at a value price.

Now is the time to spread positive vibes on the stock market. What better way to express confidence in Wall Street than rocking some stock market attire. Read on to learn about popular T-shirt designs for the stock market, including the amazingly popular American pride shirt. Explore the 5 most popular designs to try out in 2020.

1. Grim Reaper

The grim reaper is currently a popular design for t-shirts. This is especially true given the impacts on the market today. From a metaphorical perspective, the current world affairs have been the grim reaper for the stock market.

Now, you can purchase t-shirts with the grim reaper plastered on the front. Thrown in a catchphrase about the market and you have discovered design perfection. Perhaps the best news is that you can buy a sleeveless grim reaper shirt.

2. Love Me a Bear

Some investors love a bear market. This is especially true for investors that are focused on the long run. 

Bear markets give investors an opportunity to buy stocks at a value. There is a great tank top design with the phrase “Love me a bear.” Let your friends and family know you are taking advantage of the bear market. 

3. Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is on nearly everyone’s mind. His catchphrase “Make America Great Again” is etched into the population’s head for better or for worse.

It is no surprise that merchandise with the President’s face on it is popular. Today, you can purchase a t-shirt design with Trump’s face and the expression “Make Stock Markets Great Again.” Better yet, the t-shirts are unisex and feature the popular ¾ sleeve design.

4. Scrabble Words

For number four, we blend the popular board game scrabble with cool market terminology. These Scrabble shirts feature trading terms like profit, loss, and risk.

Like many other popular designs, these shirts have the ¾ sleeves. Also, any gender can enjoy this design with its unisex nature. There are also tank tops and hoodies to choose from.

5. Running With the Bulls

Before you know it, the stock market bulls will be running again. T-shirt designs with bulls on it are always in demand. 

These t-shirts feature catchy phrases like “I play both” and “Love me a bull.” You can purchase a V-neck shirt to break up your trading wardrobe. 

A Recap of the Top 5 Most Popular T-Shirt Designs

The stock market is going to come back stronger than ever. When it does, you want to have your trading gear ready. Make sure that your closet is full of trading shirts with bulls and bears.

If you want to purchase one of the most popular T-shirt designs, check out our new arrivals and drop an order today.