There is an art to stock investment strategies. Those that do it well have fun as well as making a lot of money. But like gambling, it is a risk that might not always go your way. 

The key to successful investing though is to follow these three key steps. Only invest what you can afford to loose, don’t become too invested and don’t keep all of your shares in one basket. 

Let’s break this down. 

1. Only Invest What You Can Afford to Loose

Investing all of your savings into stocks and shares is never a good idea. Particularly if this is your first time investing. Like anything you are doing for the first time, you will make mistakes but these mistakes will be costly.

A better smart stock investment strategy is to save up some money specifically for investing in stocks and to practice on trading apps first. You can keep track of your trades in notebooks.

Fintech companies like Revolut not only allow you to buy stocks straight from your bank account they also allow you to put some money away in vaults which you can label specifically for investing in stocks and shares.

You should have no expectation to make any returns on this money in short term and, in your mind right it off after you have spent it on the stocks. 

2. Don’t Become too Invested 

The worst thing you can do when thinking about the top stocks to buy is to become overly emotionally invested in what you are doing. If you put all of your life savings into stocks and shares then this will become a problem.

The decisions you make will be influenced by the fact that you feel your financial life is on the line. You either won’t take as many risks where you could afford to be riskier or you could be tempted to invest in a high-risk strategy where the potential returns are high but the potential losses are also high.

Instead, keep a level head at all times and don’t make any snap decisions. Talk over your plans with other investors and friends and family to get their opinion. 

3. Don’t Keep All Your Shares in One Company

You should never put all of your money into one company. Doing so is high risk and not a smart investment strategy. If this one company fails then you will lose your money. 

Instead, you are best to have a number of options on the table with a smaller investment in each including some high-risk companies and others that are more stable and don’t fluctuate that much. In this way, you are less likely to lose all of your money and keep a overall low risk diversified portfolio

Stock Investment Strategies That Work Well

The best piece of advice for great stock investment strategies is to learn from the masters and read the books of Warren Buffett.  

The age-old advice still stands. Don’t keep all of your stocks in one place, keep a level head and, above all, have fun. Treat stocks to invest as a long game and something you enjoy rather than a means of making a living to start with and before long you might end up with a tidy profit. 

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