Is your home starting to look a little dull or monotonous? Do you wish your décor fit your personality and lifestyle more? Have you been on the hunt for wall art that shows off your professional passion and the high-powered world you run in every day?

If this sounds familiar, you need to set up a trading theme for your wall décor. Read on to discover some of the amazing stock exchange wall art you can get to upgrade your home today.

Wall Street Sign

Wall Street in New York City and the stock market are almost synonymous with one another. In particular, the corner of Wall Street and Broad, where the stock exchange is located, has become iconic in the trading world. So why not bring that legendary location into your home?

You can get beautiful photographs of the street sign at the corner of Wall Street and Broad to hang in your house. Use this as a powerful statement piece in a modern decorating scheme. Accessorize with other street signs, strong black and white décor, and a few bright pops of red or blue for an accent color.

Bear vs. Bull Market

Another iconic image from the trading world is the bear and bull that symbolize the stock market’s different states. A bear market occurs when the economy is receding and stocks are dropping in value. A bull market happens when the economy is on the rise, stock prices are going up, and things are charging ahead.

Bring these two powerful animals into your home with bear vs. bull wall art. You can find gorgeous origami renditions of each animal facing off with the other or get photographs of stunning statues of the bull. You can also find modern-looking neon sign art that incorporates symbols for the market rising and falling as each animal takes the stage. 

Artistic Trading Graphics

When it comes right down to it, the stock market is one visually interesting place. Market graphs rise and fall in peaks that could rival the Rockies, and numbers flash past in a high-speed story of our nation’s economy. It’s no wonder artists have begun to turn to this tapestry of shining numbers and dynamic charts for inspiration.

You can find art that overlays market trend graphs on top of trading number images, each dyed in rainbow hues. You can also get a representation of the international market with a simplified globe surrounded by symbols for different currencies. Or get an ultra-modern piece with clean lines showing the rise and fall of the market over a background of rich gold. 

Word Maps

Word maps have become popular in modern décor in recent years, and for good reason. These art pieces arrange words around a given theme as a piece of visual art. Some words may be larger or smaller, set in different colors, or even turned at different angles to create a piece you’ll want to study for hours.

Get a piece of word art that reflects your passion for the trading world. With words like, “investment,” “money,” “gold,” “profit,” and “future,” you’ll get the same feeling of power at home as you do on the trading floor. Start your days off with a pep talk from your wall art before you head into the battleground of our stock market.

National Flag

Of course, the stock market is a central piece of our national identity. Our economic well-being depends on the health of the stock market, and in turn, the labor of the American people keeps the stock market thriving. Your trading wall art should reflect the complex interrelationship of these two powerful forces.

Display a piece of wall art that speaks to both your patriotism and your passion for trading. Some pieces have the American flag overlaid beneath the trading numbers that are so iconic and a market trend graph. You can also find similar art featuring the Canadian flag for our friendly neighbors to the north.

Stock Market Exchange Photography 

Given that the stock market is such a visually dynamic place, it’s no wonder that photographers have worked to capture its fast-paced, high-power feel. Stock market photography is visually striking. The market itself is complex enough that the images don’t have to be ornate – simple numbers tell the story of our nation’s dynamic economic life. 

You can find photographs of the trading floor displays, world currency exchange rates listed in emotionless red letters beside each flag. A reflection of the stock floor from the polished screen hints at the complexities hidden behind those numbers. This piece is a testament to humanity’s will to shape the world to our needs. 

Currency Photography 

If you trade on the international scene, you deal with different currencies every day. Each of these small bits of metal or pieces of paper holds so much more symbolism than the images and numbers printed on their face. They represent hard work, a sense of community, and everything that comes inherent to the wealth of a nation. 

Bring this amazing system of value into your home with photographs of different forms of currency. You can find collections of coins laid over dollar bills or groupings of different world currencies. You can even get images that represent Bitcoin, possibly the next era in our post-cash world. 

Use a Trading Theme in Your Next Redecoration

If you’re a trader, you eat, breathe, and sleep stock exchange business. Why not bring that world into your home with a trading theme for your décor? Get any of the dynamic pieces we’ve mentioned here and enjoy the power and modernity of the stock market in your home. 

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