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Shopping Smart: 5 Ideas for Stock Market Gifts for Traders and Investors

More people than ever take part in investing and trading in the stock market. Over 50% of Americans own stock.

So if you have a friend who always has their nose in the Wall Street Journal what do you get them for the holidays? Easy. Stock market gifts.

Fortunately, you don't have to know anything about the industry to find cool gifts they'll love. Here are our top 5 favorite ideas. 

A Warm Hoodie

Trading stocks can be a cold, lonely business. So keep them warm with a cozy hoodie that lets the world know they're a stock trader.

We have 63 different designs for unisex hoodies that are soft, cozy, and pretty cool. You can check out our designs here.

The Stock Orb

The Stock Orb is arguably one of the coolest things ever. It actively tracks the current ongoings of the stock market. It glows green when things are good, red when they're taking a hit, and yellow when things are steady.

For an extra fee, you can set up the orb to track an investor's personal profile.

Admittedly, if your stock investor is a bit of a worrier, a long state of red could send them into an anxious spiral.

Notebooks to Keep Track of It All

There's a lot that goes into picking and choosing stocks. When's the best time to buy? How far can a stock drop before you want to sell it?

What news about different companies pops up that's indicative of a stock's performance. Why did you get into the investment in the first place?

So give your investor a place to keep track of all their thoughts with a nifty and funny notebook. We have 31 different notebook designs to chose from.

A Book on Investing

If you're the type of person who believes in the value of knowledge, get your investor a book on the stock market. The only way this could go wrong is if they've already read it.

Here's an awesome list of some of the best books for investors of all time.

Buy an Investor Stocks

What's a gift the investor in your life is sure to love? A stock. And it's not hard to buy, trade, and gift stocks these days either.

Here's a company that lets you buy a stock, and they give you a certificate of ownership. Make the gift extra personal by buying stock in the company you know your investor loves.

And as your investor friend will let you know, stocks are a great gift for absolutely everyone.

These Stock Market Gifts Will Make the Financial Nerd in Your Life Giddy

Not many people are willing to admit it. But honestly, we're a bit nerdy when it comes to the stock market and finances. So these stock market gifts are sure to be a hit.

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