More people than ever take part in investing and trading in the stock market in 2020. Over 50% of Americans own stock.

So if you have a friend who always has their nose in the Wall Street Journal what do you get them for the holidays? Easy. Stock market gifts.

Fortunately, you don't have to know anything about the industry to find cool gifts they'll love. Here are our top 18 favorite gift ideas that will fit your price. 

1. A Warm Hoodie


Trading stocks can be a cold, lonely business. So keep them warm with a cozy hoodie that lets the world know they're a stock trader.

We have 63 different designs for unisex hoodies that are soft, cozy, and pretty cool. You can check out our designs here.

2. The Stock Orb

The Stock Orb is arguably one of the coolest things ever. It actively tracks the current ongoings of the stock market. It glows green when things are good, red when they're taking a hit, and yellow when things are steady.

For an extra fee, you can set up the orb to track an investor's personal profile.


3. Notebooks to Keep Track of It All


There's a lot that goes into picking and choosing stocks. When's the best time to buy? How far can a stock drop before you want to sell it?

What news about different companies pops up that's indicative of a stock's performance. Why did you get into the investment in the first place?

So give your investor a place to keep track of all their thoughts with a nifty and funny notebook. 

4. A Book on Investing


If you're the type of person who believes in the value of knowledge, get your investor a book on the stock market. The only way this could go wrong is if they've already read it.

Here's an awesome list of some of the best books for investors of all time.

5. Buy an Investor Stocks

What's a gift the investor in your life is sure to love? A stock. And it's not hard to buy, trade, and gift stocks these days either.

Here's a company that lets you buy a stock, and they give you a certificate of ownership. Make the gift extra personal by buying stock in the company you know your investor loves.

And as your investor friend will let you know, stocks are a great gift for absolutely everyone.

6. Stock Trader Art 


Dress up plain walls with spectacular metal wall art to make a bold statement inside their home or office! As a trader, every day is an adventure. You never know what to expect. There is one constant in your life, though. That's your excellent taste in stock market art.

7. Get Them an Intensive Stock Market Course

There's always more to learn when it comes to the stock market or any other investments. When you'd like to help them grow in their knowledge, it doesn't get better than a course. 

There are several courses that can help beginners learn the ropes and people with advanced investment knowledge become even more proficient. Sites like Udemy offer courses, and you can also view entire semesters of finance lectures from Ivy League schools and other high-level institutions. 

When they're more knowledgeable and skilled, they'll be better able to earn profits when playing the market. 

8. Buy a Stock Picking Tool

Don't forget about the tech tools that can help your gift recipient succeed. Stock picking tools are useful because they let you screen the market based on filters and criteria that you set. 

When a stock market investor allows this software to be their eyes and ears, it cuts down on the time and labor involved in making investment decisions. They'll be able to pick future winners that can grow their portfolio by leaps and bounds. 

9. Stock Market Videogames and Board Games

There are several games you can purchase that your finance enthusiast will enjoy. For starters, you can look into high-end software that lets them simulate the market without risking their own money. 

Instead, they can purchase shares with virtual money while learning valuable information that they can later use for real-life stock market decisions. 

Aside from simulators, there are other fantasy-based games that they might enjoy, including The Stock Market Game, Cashflow 101, Landlord Tycoon, Monopoly, and several ForEx based games. Look into reviews for the games to learn as much about them as you can. 

10. Useful App Subscriptions

There are always some app subscriptions that might suit the stock market enthusiast that you're shopping for. Some of the apps they might be interested in include TheStreet App, the Bloomber Business app, Barron's, and Market Watch. 

Many of these app subscriptions will let you gift a year to a friend or family member by paying a flat fee. You can schedule for them to get a link e-mailed to them, or can give them a code on your own.  

There are countless personal finance and investing apps that you can match them with. 

This is an excellent idea if they've been on the fence about getting a premium app, and aren't sure if they want to take the plunge. Gifting them a subscription that lasts a year will offer far more comprehensive experience than the typical 7-day trial. 

11. Some Great Reading Material 

Make certain that you send them some reading material that will help them in their stock market endeavors. So many books have been written that will help grow their education and understanding of the market and investing as a whole.  

There are some incredible books on psychology you can buy that will help the gift recipient hone their trading philosophy and mindset. 

Purchasing them a subscription to Audible can give them the greenlight to listen to as many audiobooks as they'd like each month.  

12. Cash or Some Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with cash. Whether it buys them a new TV or a round of drinks, it'll go appreciated, no matter the amount. If you'd rather not carry cash, Visa and Mastercard have gift cards you can hand out that spend just like a debit card. 

Even purchasing them gift cards for coffee shops will be much appreciated. People that wake up bright and early to catch the opening of the markets will want a boost of caffeine every now and then. This simple gift card will buy them the mental alertness and clarity that coffee brings, and it's a thoughtful gesture, to boot. 


13. A Smart Watch

A stock market enthusiasm is likely always locked in to certain times and alerts. When news breaks they'll want to get it as quickly as possible to make the right move in response. 

Smart watches keep people plugged in and lets them handle light applications without needed to have your phone by your side. These watches are a great way to leave quick voice memos, set calendar dates, and track investment updates. 

These watches are also excellent tools for people looking to get their health and fitness under control. The app checks your heart rate, how well or poorly you're sleeping, how many steps you've taken that day, and so much more. 

You can also pair the watch with an app that will track your running goals. People that run miles a few times per week will have less anxiety and better mental function. Your stock market enthusiast will be better able to deal with the ebbs and flows and have the energy to get through a long and strenuous day. 

14. Stock Trader Apparel Ideas


 You will find many options just by googling Stock Market Apparel. offers a wide selection of Wall Street-themed T-shirts, kids' clothes, mugs and accessories with slogans such as “Daddy's Best Investment” and “There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere.”

Here are some other companies:

Bullish Bear, Stock Market Gear, Fine America

15. Café Press's Coffee Mugs


Who can get through a single day of the stock market without a good cup of coffee or tea? Café Press has mugs that feature slogans that span from cocky (“Stop losses are for wimps”) to the genuinely cocky (“Stock market genius”) and everything in between.

For those turbulent times when bull market gifts aren’t ideal, and the situation demands something a little stronger than caffeine, Café Press also offers printed beer steins and whiskey shot glasses. They even carry old-fashioned flasks.

16. Storage Boxes From Wall Street 


How about some gifts for traders that will help keep their office neat and orderly? Wall Street Gifts sells storage boxes covered in real vintage stock certificates. The boxes are available in three sizes — 4 x 6 inches, 7 x 7 inches, and 10 x 5 inches.

There are also small mounted desk sculptures with motivational quotes to uplift someone during rough times. You can also choose wall art, such as photographs of famous landmarks associated with Wall Street.


17. Unique Trader Jewelry on Etsy


Do you know a stock trader who’s a smart dresser? He’d probably appreciate a pair of cufflinks printed with the words that Wall Street careers are built on —“Buy low, sell high.” Another option is a tie clip etched with ticker symbols.

Etsy also has plenty of Wall Street wall art that makes excellent gifts for stock traders. For example, you can find a bull and bear painting in sizes suitable for any office. The measurements range from 18 x 36 inches to 40 x 80 inches.


18. Screen Time with Redbubble


Traders are always looking at screens, so why not give them something to protect those screens? An ideal gift is a phone case emblazoned with images connected to the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you know, that movie that they won’t stop quoting.


These Stock Market Gifts Will Make the Financial Nerd in Your Life Giddy

Not many people are willing to admit it. But honestly, we're a bit nerdy when it comes to the stock market and finances. So these stock market gifts are sure to be a hit.

Stock traders with their busy schedules find it difficult to stay in contact with faraway friends and relatives, but having a gift packet of greeting cards ready to drop in the mail would help. They especially might appreciate the one that says, “I had a life, but my stock trader job ate it.”

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