A blank slate can be both daunting and inspiring.

This is especially true when you're staring at a barren wall, just waiting for you to make your mark. 

In the world of interior design, there are plenty of ways to adorn and decorate your living space. Wall art is one of the most versatile and customizable choices around. 

However, that can also be what makes it so intimidating.

Should you choose landscape prints? What about an abstract canvas? Then, there's the aspect of sizing everything correctly.

We're here to make the process easy, fun, and beautiful. Today, we're sharing 15 of our top wall art ideas to help your home stand out and match your personality. 

1. Themed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are stunning and serve as instant conversation starters. 

If you have an empty wall in your home, you can easily fill it with multiple framed images that all tie into a focal point of room (decor) or a central theme.

For some, this might mean various pictures of family members throughout the years. For instance, you could create a mini timeline on your wall, showcasing how your children have grown since their infanthood.

If you want to go an alternate route, consider creating a gallery wall filled with images and symbols that represent a beloved hobby or profession. Our Collections Page is a great place to start!

Here, you'll find many different wall art collections, each centered around a common thread. These would look great in a living room, home study, or corporate office!

For instance, our Accounting Collection is ideal for the financing fanatic in your life. You can choose from metal VIP plaques, acrylic images of calculations, and much more. There's even wall art depicting vintage accounting ledgers and bank vaults!

2. Oversized Portrait

An oversized, single portrait could be considered the direct opposite of a gallery wall. Instead of multiple smaller images, you'll fill the space with one large-scale portrait. 

This is a simple and cost-effective way to give drama to any wall!

Both our metal and acrylic wall art options look great in a larger format. The biggest size in each category is 24" x 36", which will bring tons of visual interest to almost any space. 

Want to pay homage to your enthusiastic patriotism? Our American Money Metal Wall Art is a showstopper, blending an image of the American flag with Franklin's $100 bill. Hang it in your home office for a unique Zoom background!

3. Travel Prints

Were you bitten by the wanderlust bug? When you return home from an epic adventure, it's easy to feel down. However, prints of your travels can remind you of where you've been, as well as where you're heading. 

Consider enlarging a favorite print and making it into an acrylic or metal photo to stand out on your wall. Both mediums are durable and built to last with minimal upkeep required.

Will you choose that shot by the Eiffel Tower or the one by on the beach at sunset? Whichever memory you memorialize, you'll love walking past it for years to come. 

4. Wooden Photo Ledges

You don't have to hang every print in a frame and attach it directly to your wall. Why not add a little dimension to your space by using wooden photo ledges?

In short, these are mini shelves that your photos will simply sit on top of, resting against your wall. This look works especially well if your wall is a little narrow and you need to fill the space vertically. 

To avoid overcrowding the ledges, it's best to stick with smaller-scale prints, such as our 8x10 metal or acrylic ones. 

One idea to try? If you're an investor, you can take several prints from our Stock Market Collection and arrange them on each ledge. This is an eye-catching way to display wall art without nails and looks great in any professional space. 

5. Add Greenery

Looking for a way to jazz up a blank wall? In addition to a variety of prints, you can instantly refresh the space by bringing the outside in! Simply fill a wall-mounted planter with an indoor houseplant, preferably one that drapes beautifully over the container.

When paired alongside your favorite images, this is a fresh and interesting way to add a ton of personality to any space. 

Here is a Simple Guide to Indoor Plant Care to ensure lively plants stay lively as your new wall art.


6. Panoramic Series

We've all played around with that panoramic picture setting on our smartphones. While the idea is cool in concept, it can be tricky to hold your device steady enough to get one solid, continuous shot. 

Absolve that worry by snapping a series of images in a row, each conveying a portion of a landscape you want to capture. For instance, instead of taking one panoramic of the sunset, take five separate shots, moving from left to right as you click.

Then, frame each image individually and hang the set on your wall. When you step back and admire your handiwork, you'll see the sum of the parts. 

7. Layer Different Sizes

Looking for a way to hang art without nails? Instead of stressing over command strips and other accessories, look for a place to lean the frames against the wall instead. 

This might mean balancing them on a shelf, against a dresser, or on the back of a desk. You can add tiny pieces of felt to the corners to keep your surfaces scratch-free.

Then, you can start experimenting with dimensions. Choose one large-scale print (e.g. 20x30) and use that as your primary backdrop. In front of it, add smaller ones, such as an 8x10 or 11x14. This look is even more dynamic if the images pertain to one another, such as the options you'll find in our Banking Collection and many others!

Don't have time to finish reading? Here is the video


8. Inspirational Quotes

We could all use a little inspiration from time to time! Whether you need a powerful quote to get you through the workday, or a family-centric one to display in your home, you can't go wrong with a hand-lettered sign. 

You can find a bevy of these by browsing online craft sites, where artisans can display their wares. In addition to pre-made signs, you can also request custom ones if you want to display a special phrase. 

Add a few different ones to create a motivational gallery wall, or enlarge your favorite. Either way, display them where you'll pass them and appreciate them often.

9. Professional Event Photos

Chances are, you've attended or hosted at least one event where a professional photographer captured the moments. This might have been your wedding, graduation, or a special family vacation.

These high-quality prints are ideal for an oversized portrait. They'll maintain their sharpness and clarity, even if you enlarge them to poster size. Choose your favorite and choose a minimalist frame to let the subject do the speaking. 

10. Old Photos, Reimagined

Old family photos are remarkable. Though we've advanced so much in the field of photography, there's something extra-special about those black-and-white or slightly blurred images that depict our parents as teenagers, or our grandparents as newlyweds. 

Today, framing these photos is as easy as scanning them at home and framing them. There are also plenty of online companies that can help you restore and preserve those images, too. Don't try to make it too modern, and remember that the imperfections are what make it one-of-a-kind. 

11. Wooden Letters

From initials to your family's last name, there are many different monikers you may want to commemorate on your wall! At most local craft stores, you can find oversized wooden letters that make this DIY project a cinch to complete.

Decorating a nursery? Hang your baby's initials on the wall behind their crib. To fill a blank living room wall, spell out your last name, complete with the year your crew was "established"!

12. Kid-Friendly Canvas

Have you ever looked at a piece of abstract art and thought, "I could make that"? If so, it's time to put your skills to the test! Actually, this is more of a pint-sized project. 

Purchase a blank, white canvas online and acrylic paints in colors that will complement your living or working space. Then, let your little ones go to town! Encourage them to try different abstract painting techniques and use their imagination.

The result will be a unique, creative piece of art that you can rest assured your neighbors can never copy!

13. Wall Hangings

Sometimes, the most impressive wall art isn't a framed print. Rather, it could be a macrame wall hanging or a tapestry! This neutral-toned decor adds an element of coziness and warmth to any space, as well as a homemade touch.

Check with local crafters or learn how to make your own! Be sure to measure the size of your space before you begin so you know the right amount of materials to buy!

14. Clocks and Mirrors

Another fun alternative to wall art? You can also take up plenty of space on a wall with a large mirror or clock! Both of these can add an industrial and rustic touch to your home or office, especially if they have perfectly worn, chippy paint. 

In fact, covering an entire wall with a big mirror is an insider trick to make any space look bigger! As natural light reflects off the glass, it will give the illusion that the space is open and airy.

15. Color-Centric Prints

Did you know that we make it easy to narrow your wall art by color? In our online shop, you can select just the shades that will work best with your decor!

Use this handy tool to create a gallery of similarly-hued metal or acrylic artwork. You can choose colors that complement your decor or dramatically contrast it for a gorgeous aesthetic.

More Interior Design Inspiration

Wall art can be tricky to get just right, but our collections make it easy. When you're ready to revamp your interior design, we've got you covered with a variety of finance-related prints. 

Take a look at our metal or acrylic options, and let your imagination go from there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.