We have been working in the corporate sector for 20+ plus years. Climbing the corporate ladder was less appealing and the reasonable sized pay raises or bonus were the thing of the past. 

Then taking an inward and outward look of the current world environment, our investments, bank accounts. Then the outlook around the politics, stock market, and the economy. Questions raised "When the next bust is going to be (soon) and how long the last bull market will last (2020)?". Current elected leaders globally set a tone of volatility in the meantime. So that drove some fear inside, but more of how do we change this to meet our goals??? We wanted to make sure we have the security and freedom. We are wanting to retire at the age of 55, maybe 60 the latest. Yeah, people laughed at us; but we want to make sure we can live it up before we were not able to or 6 feet under.
We started to research ways to have passive or extra income; while keeping the corporate job. Investing & Trading stocks were ones that kept popping up. Trading seems to fit our personality and criteria. I started to research more on trading.  We discovered such a rich community of retail traders. Also, many that profess to “Mentors” and “Gurus”. Overall it was great to see the community of retail traders.
Began to study the “How to” and started trading. Mainly swing trading. We are excited to be a part of it and make extra money for retirement.
Then one of those things when you are starting something new, excited, euphoria kicking in and diving in the deep…We looked for apparel and accessories. Find products that spoke to us as a trader or investor. We could only find the mentors and gurus own branded T-Shirts. There were a few that had the same candlestick chart with different sayings. Basically, not much out there. I thought about this a lot and still continued to google to find something. The light bulb went off! 
Traders Creed was born. We wanted to make sure that there were unique apparel and accessories for the community to have, share, or even show-off their style and success. Also, provide a bit of tongue in cheek humor as well. I loved when I saw that one shirt that made me giggle, smile or bring back a memory. Generally, we either have to have it, share it or enjoy the feeling we got from it.
We could also want to help give back to our community through charities. Women shelters, veterans, and animal rescues. 


updated Apr 13, 2020