Traveling with children is not easy. You are likely to hear a lot of complaints and make far too many pit stops. It can be a strain on your mental health and your wallet.

However, family vacations provide you with the opportunity to make lifelong memories. Your children will always remember that special summer trip.

While extra bathroom breaks are a certainty, you do not have to break the bank. Read on for a comprehensive guide to planning a family vacation on a budget. Explore tips for taking an affordable vacation with your family.

Take a Roadtrip

Most families want to fly to their vacation destination. There are certainly benefits to this approach.

You will arrive at your destination much faster. It is also less physically and mentally demanding than driving.

However, flying a moderately-sized family is a significant expense. Depending on the location, you could easily spend over $1,000 to fly a family of four. You may also need to pay for parking at the airport and a rental car for your destination.

It is significantly cheaper to drive your personal vehicle. While it will take longer, your only expenses are fuel and highway tolls.

Bring Your Own Food and Beverages

Many people do not realize how much is spent on food and beverages on a vacation. You spend $20 at a convenience store and do not think much of it. However, pit stops and dining out tend to add up quickly.

To lessen the blow, consider bringing your own food and beverages. Now that you are driving your own vehicle, this is a realistic option to save money.

For example, a 24-pack of bottled water is going cost you less than $5. At the gas station, a single bottle of water is going to cost around $2.  You could save over $40 on water alone.

In addition, children are always asking for snacks. Having snacks on hand will prevent you from making multiple stops.

Travel In the Offseason

Vacation costs are considerably higher during peak season. This is especially true for lodging costs during the summer. For most places, peak season occurs between Memorial and Labor Day.

To keep lodging costs down, try to plan your vacation during the offseason. You will see a major cost difference just weeks after Labor Day. At the same time, you will still be able to enjoy many of the same vacation perks.

The Road Less Traveled Is Cheaper

The most popular destinations tend to cost a premium. Therefore, you can save money by finding great locations that are not as well-known.

Along the same lines, popular amusement parks and tourist attractions have expensive ticket prices. You can save a lot of money by avoiding ticketed attractions and visiting national parks instead. When visiting attractions, always look for sales and discounts.

Your Guide to Planning a Family Vacation  

Now, you are ready to plan a memorable family vacation. By performing research and planning ahead, you can save thousands. Your savings could be significant to plan two trips instead of one.

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