Every day we're bombarded with written messages. We see it in advertising, social media, books, emails, and even this very article. The things we read stay with us throughout the day and inform our worldview, and the more often you read something, the more ingrained it becomes.

What if you could be guaranteed to read something inspiring and motivating every day until it became a permanent, positive part of your worldview?

You can! Wall art quotes are a great way to incorporate your perspective on life and optimism into your interior design. 

Wall art can be meaningful and fun while also adding interest to the eye within your room. But it's hard to know where to start when planning to hang wall art.

Let's look at some ideas for inspiration before you get started!

Get Stencils!

If you're totally going the DIY route, you want to make sure that your wall art still looks neat.

Craft stores have stencils of all sizes and fonts so that you can paint right over them and know that your lettering will still look neat. Be sure to use a straight edge when lining up your words as well so you don't end up with a wobbly-looking quote.

This is also an easy way to incorporate a couple of fonts into your design. You don't have to rely on just the fonts that you feel confident recreating by hand.

Use a Custom Wall Art Company

Let's be honest, DIY has a lot of room for error. The last thing you want is to feel disappointed or frustrated after you try to make your own wall art.

Luckily, you can order custom wall art. Make your design on computer software with every color, design, and font at your disposal. Then, you upload it to the website and order your beautiful canvas. This is the easiest way to get personalized, high-quality-looking art quotes.

Color Block Under Your Quote

Not sure what design to put under your quote on the canvas. You can keep this simple, sophisticated, and yet still eye-catching with color blocking.

Create random shapes of different colors in a design to go under your quote. The only thing that really matters is choosing colors that go well together and making sure that the color of your text pops on top of those colors.

Keep in mind the colors of your room, and the overall feel. A children's playroom may call for bright primary colors, but in your bedroom, you may prefer something in calming pastels.

Choose a Quote From Your Favorite Book

You can't have word art without words! But it can be hard to choose a wall art quote from out of the blue.

You should start looking to where your favorite words are from. Most of the writing we take in is from books, so why not look to books for inspiration?

Think about the themes that are important to you - love, family, beauty, or motivation, for example. Then think of the books you've read that have helped shape your views on those topics. What's a phrase or sentence that has stuck with you your whole life?

You can also take inspiration from the purpose of the room for a book quote. Maybe a kitchen deserves an Eat, Pray, Love quote. A room where you work on your creative endeavors could benefit from a Lord of the Rings quote.

Quote Your Role Model

The people we look up to in life often have said things that shape our worldview and motivate us to lead our best lives. Have you ever read or heard a piece of advice that informed your character in a powerful way?

Role model quotes are especially good for office spaces because they can set the tone for the character of the company. Integrity is important in business, and a powerful, morally strong quote is a constant reminder for employees to maintain that integrity.

Not sure who your role models are? Check out this list of highly quotable, inspirational women.

Use Song Lyrics for Wall Art Quotes

Some of the best poets of our day and age are our musicians! Find song lyrics that succinctly put into words how you feel about yourself, the room, your goals, or anything else you'd like to share with the people who see it.

You can also use lyrics that are easily recognizable to people. They'll come into the room and immediately feel a connection with you if it's a song they love to. 

Choose a lyric that gets you excited, motivated, and optimistic so that it leaves a smile on your face every time you read it. 

Don't Be Afraid to Take Up Space

Size matters when it comes to a wall art quote. On one hand, you don't want your quote to be so small that people have to get right up on it in order to read it. 

On the other hand, you need to make sure that the whole quote will fit on the wall. In general, though, it's hard to go too big. As long as the font is attractive and the words are well spaced, bigger tends to be better. 

A wall quote is an eye-catching piece, a conversation starter, and quite possibly the first thing that people will notice when walking into a room. Make sure that it looks like something worth noticing instead of a confusing mush on the wall with the right scale. 

Wall Art That Inspires

What you see and read every day can impact your lifestyle and perspective. Make your perspective a motivated, inspired, and happy one with the best wall art quotes. 

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