Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2019, Black Friday set a sales record both online and in-store. Total sales increased 4.2% from the year prior.

Online shopping pulled in over $7 billion in a single day. Shoppers cannot resist saving hundreds of dollars by diving into Black Friday. Retailers desperate to get a head start are opening early on Thanksgiving to attract shoppers.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to landing the best Black Friday haul. Explore the best Black Friday tips and tricks so that you get everything you need for the holiday season.  

Historical Patterns

Some people do not want to hold off until Black Friday to purchase an item. They do not even know if the item they want will be on sale at that time.

However, there are some historical patterns that can help you decide to wait for Black Friday. Certain items are traditionally offered at huge discounts this time of year.

Televisions are the most notable example. 

However, there are other big-ticket items that are frequently on sale. Items like home appliances and electronics fit this description. Toys, movies, and cool clothing are also common Black Friday discounted items.

Check the Mail

Doing the best on Black Friday is all about the prep work. The major retailers start sending out their best deals in the weeks before Black Friday. You should start checking your mail throughout November to find the best deals. 

You can use this information to develop your plan of attack for the big day. Circle the things that you and your family are most interested in. 

Sign Up for Emails

Digital marketing is another way that retailers communicate with their customer base. If you want to know what Target is selling on Black Friday, you should sign up for their e-mail list. 

This way, you will learn of the biggest in-store and online deals at a moment’s notice. You can save the best deals in your inbox to quickly refer back to.

Sign Up for a Black Friday Website

Some websites do the research for you. There are special websites dedicated to Black Friday deals. 

In many cases, they get early release information on the hottest deals. This will give you advanced notice so you can get a jump start on the day. Also, many of these websites allow you to build a customized shopping list.

Social Media

You should also follow the big retailers on social media. Many of the best deals are promoted on their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Other platforms like Twitter and Snapchat may also provide leads. Social media is a great place to gauge the popularity of a particular deal. If you see a deal with thousands of likes and shares, you better jump on it early Black Friday morning.

Compare Pricing

Now that you have collected both print and digital marketing leads, it is time to start comparing pricing. You can create a simple list or something more sophisticated like an Excel spreadsheet. 

For example, consider that you are hunting down a new television. It seems like every retailer offers huge discounts on televisions during the holiday season.

With all the information collected, you can prepare a comprehensive comparison list. Here you will list important details like brand, size, and price. 

This information should help you make a final decision on which one to buy. Now, you can prioritize going to this store or website on the big day.

Set a Budget

Just because the deals look great does not mean you should empty out your bank account. Instead, you should set a budget before the big shopping day.

Next, bounce your print and online research off of your budget allocation. See which items fit within your budget. If certain items do not, place a priority on each one. 

Lastly, drop the low-priority items from your shopping list to get in under budget. By doing this, you will ensure there are no regrets in the following days.

Check the Time

Black Friday is all about beating the clock. Of course, you have to consider what time the store is open. Based on the demand for the item, you may have to arrive even earlier and wait in line to get in.

What makes the day even more interesting is that many stores only offer their best deals for a limited number of hours.

It is critical that you build these time restrictions into your Black Friday plans. If you are unaware of a sales window it may disrupt your entire day. Worst yet, you may miss out on a coveted bargain. 

While online shopping is certainly less stressful, there still may be time constraints in place. Certain deals may start at a particular hour. 

Like brick and mortar stores, online inventory sells out as well. So you will also need to act quickly to get the item that you want.

Use Rewards Cards to Pay

With the right payment method, you can stack multiple discounts on your purchase. For example, consider using a cashback credit card to pay for your Black Friday purchases. 

Consider a scenario in which you use a 5% cashback card, and you spend $500 on a new TV. Using this card will put $25 back in your pocket after Black Friday.

Certain stores offer rewards programs to their loyal customers. One example is Target’s Red Card. This card gives its users a 5% instant discount at the register.

Before shopping on Black Friday, check to see if your favorite retailers offer such a program. If they do, you can take advantage to get the best bang for your buck.

How To Get the Best Black Friday Haul

Now you are ready to attack Black Friday and get the best deals. Upfront planning is the key to a successful day. You should also make sure to set a budget and use cashback cards. 

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