The decor in your office can have a big impact on how productive you are. A cluttered and chaotic space is overwhelming and not conducive to productivity, whereas a well-decorated office will make you feel more relaxed and creative.

To decorate your office, you don't need to break the bank or be an interior decorator! These ideas for decorating your office should give you plenty of inspiration. Keep reading to learn more.

Start Out With a Soothing Color Scheme

One way to decorate your office is with color. You can use a soothing color scheme like neutrals. A soothing color scheme will automatically make your office look cleaner because you'll want less decor in the space!

So opt for muted shades like lavender or pale mint green mixed with a soft ivory white. This also has the benefit of making any messes around your office easier to spot: they'll stand out against the clean backdrop of colors.

Hang a Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a tried-and-true hack for making a space look bigger. You can hang a mirror just about anywhere and it will make you feel like there's more space.

If you don't have that many windows in your office, try flaking your desk with two large, paned mirrors. This will ass visual interest and light to your office. Mirrors reflect light, which can make a space feel more bright and welcoming.

There are plenty of affordable options for decorating your office with mirrors, too! They come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect one to fit into your office space.

Personal Motivational Reminders

Hang up 1-3 pictures of your family and friends to remind you why you work hard. You can also buy some inexpensive frames from IKEA for your kids' artwork — they'll brighten up the whiteboard area in an instant.

This is a great way to make people feel more welcome in the space and it's important to have things that remind you why you're working hard for added motivation! If there are certain quotes, paintings, or photographs that bring back fond memories while looking at them, try hanging those up as well.

Add Office Plants for Fresh Air

The decorating ideas don't stop there, though. Bringing plants into your office will spruce up the decor of any space and help attract positive energy to stay in-building for as long as possible. Plus, having a green focal point is nice when you're working at a desk all day!

It's easy to decorate your office with plants. Plants not only provide a pleasant aroma and decor, but they also increase the air quality in the room. They're especially great for people who work from home or spend a lot of time indoors, as they give off clean oxygen that we need to survive!

A few good options are peace lilies or aloe vera plants that can withstand low light conditions, like fiddle leaf figs. You can also decorate your office by hanging potted succulents from ceiling beams (they won't take up too much space!), placing them on shelves, or using pots along windowsills.

Maximize Your Office Storage

You might not realize it, but you could be storing unnecessary items under your desk or in a drawer that are taking up space. For example, there's a chance you may have cords and cables sprawled out under your desk.

Try hiding unsightly cords and cables in a woven textured basket. If you're used to placing your keys, phone, etc. in random spots around the room, place them all on a decorative tray instead.

If you're lacking storage space, you can buy affordable bookshelves and decorative bins. Office spaces can look cluttered quickly, and this storage solution is a great way to curb the clutter.

Wake Up Your Walls With Wall Art

Hanging up some cool wall art is a great decorating idea. They can be anything from paintings to posters, and they're all fairly affordable! You'll want the decor you put on your walls to reflect who you are or what inspires you so it's important that the artwork has meaning for you personally.

You could even get creative and invest in custom wall art for your office. This could be anything from a custom map of your hometown to artwork that you're really passionate about. We offer custom-made pieces made to order in both metal or acrylic. We also have wall art pieces that are conversation starters, build connections, spread smiles, and create a strong community. 

Add Pops of Color With Office Accessories

One of the easiest ways to decorate your office without painting anything is by adding colorful accessories. Cute but also functional accessories can instantly brighten your workday. Here are some suggestions:

  • a stylish jar to hold pens
  • a bowl of rose-gold paperclips
  • an antique box to hold your business cards

Keep It Organized and Functional

If you're like most people, your desk is probably so cluttered with papers and other office items that it's hard to find anything. You need a system in place where the important stuff doesn't get buried underneath all of the clutter!

Clutter also lowers productivity levels and makes people more anxious. Buy organization tools that look so nice, you're inspired to stay organized. Organization supplies have come a long way, you can now find several pieces with gold accents or stylish prints.

Dedicate One Area for Your Collections

If you have a collection of some sort, why not show it off instead of hiding it where no one can see it? Whether you collect comic books, special edition action figures, or even vinyl records, you can use them to add a personal and decorative touch to your office.

Add shelves to one wall of your office that will display individual items for all to see. You could even make it into a cabinet where people will be able to look inside and get up-close views of what's housed within! If you collect art, you can create a statement wall and hang up all of your pieces.

By displaying collections in this way, visitors are more likely to notice what they're looking at and may ask about it if they haven't seen anything like it before. Plus there'll always be some new conversation starters available for anyone who walks through those doors!

Invest in Comfort

It's important to have the right office decorations that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This includes picking out furniture like a desk, chair, or sofa which are all ergonomically designed for your body type and allows you to sit comfortably without getting sore easily!

If you spend a good portion of your day sitting at your desk, investing in quality pieces is worth it. You can find ergonomic office decor at any major retailer, and it's important to have a good setup for your body.

If you need an extra boost of comfort near your desk, investing in a quality sofa would be wise as well. You'll want something soft where you can put your feet up after long days without having back pain.

We have a great guide on styling and buying office wall art.

Buy a Fun Desk Calendar

Ditch your boring ol' desk calendar with something more fun! You can find desk calendars with any design imaginable, from patterned prints and stylish typography to illustrations or quotes.

With such an adorable calendar on your desk, it'll be much easier for you to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and deadlines. Plus they make great decor pieces that are affordable decor items that will brighten up any workspace!

Focus on Lighting

This may sound like a pretty basic decor tip, but you'd be surprised how many people overlook this step! Lighting is not only functional for your office space, it can also make the room feel more inviting and comfortable. Natural sunlight or desk lamp are both great options to use in an office setting.

The best part about lighting? There are so many creative ways to decorate with lamps that match your style: from sleek black metal accents to brass finishes, there's something out there for everyone!

A well-lit workspace will help increase productivity during those late hours of work. Plus, great lighting guarantees you'll look amazing during work Zoom meetings.

Add a Chalkboard Wall

Painting a wall with chalkboard paint is both fun and functional. This chalkboard wall can also be for everyone to use! This will allow employees of any level of experience or age to contribute their thoughts creatively during meetings. You can also use this wall for to-do lists or calendars.

Decorating Your Office the Cozy Way: Ideas for Bringing Up a Lagging Mood

When decorating your office, it's important to remember that the space should be both comfortable and inspiring. We hope you enjoyed our list of office decor suggestions!

If you're looking to invest, we have a nice article on the current state of the online art market.

Feel free to check out our wall art for inspiring statement pieces for your office. Happy decorating!