Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform global society. For example, Tesla uses AI for its self-driving vehicles. Tesla’s vehicles recently reached 300 million miles driven on autopilot.

Mobile technology is one sector that will be greatly affected by AI.

It is an absolute certainty that AI will drive major technological advances in mobile tech. 

Read on to learn how AI is set to transform the industry. Explore new technological advancements and products that are certain to excite American consumers.

AI in Cameras

For years, there has been rapid improvement in smartphone cameras. The quality of an iPhone picture can compete with some low-level professional cameras.

What if we told you that the next generation of smartphone cameras will no longer snap a photo? Google is developing AI that will capture multiple different images. Then, it will use image recognition technology to select the best picture.

Already, the Apple iPhone XS allows the user to change Depth of Field after an image is taken. In the future, smartphones will take pictures without the user even pushing a button. AI will determine that it is selfie time and take the picture on its own.

Improved Global Communication

In the past, you would have to learn another language to communicate with a person from another country. Translators do exist, but they are slow and clumsy. AI embedded in mobile technology is set to change this.

Soon, your smartphone will be able to translate foreign languages in real-time. There are is also AI tech in beta testing that translates sign language. Imagine the progress that would be made if global communications were torn down by AI.

Battery Life

One of the biggest complaints with smartphones is limited battery life. For some phones, it seems like the battery dies in just a few hours.

AI is set to change the way smartphones use and conserve battery life. With AI, the phone will close applications running in the background that drain the battery. Referred to as an adaptive battery, AI monitors battery usage and makes adjustments without a user prompt.

Another factor that drains battery life is your screen’s brightness. AI can adjust the screen’s brightness based on the environment to save battery life and make the phone more efficient. 

Phone Efficiency

Phone manufacturers are frequently looking for ways to improve efficiency. One impactful method being tested allows users to operate applications without even opening them.

For example, you could type and send a text message in the notification area. Google is investigating using smaller versions of applications that are operable in its search engine.

Since you do not have to open and use the full app, the phone is more efficient and uses less RAM. A good example would be a mobile banking app paying in cash or bitcoin.

A Recap of Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Tech

AI is a game-changer and set to drastically alter the mobile technology arena. Smartphones are certain to be more efficient. You will have the capability to translate foreign languages and take professional photos.

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