If you're looking for a career that can make you tons of money, you should dive into the field of trading now!

Trading is when a person buys and sells financial entities with the goal of making money. Examples of the financial entities that are bought and sold by traders include stocks, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, and more.

Although working in trading can be very lucrative, many people do not attempt to work as a trader due to the job’s high levels of complexity. Lucky for you, there are tons of resources out there for beginner traders to use to help them get the hang of trading.

To prove to you that you can become a successful trader, we are telling you all about the top trading resources out right now.

Get ready to make some money!

Top Trading Resources: Brokers

Brokers are financial intermediaries that work for market investors. In other words, brokers are companies that make stock market trades for you in exchange for money.

It is much cheaper to hire a broker for single-security stocks than stocks that are always being traded. Plus, the cost of hiring a broker only gets more expensive with every fund, option, and commodity.

Still, even with the increase in broker costs, the internet now makes brokers cheaper than it used to be. Below are a few of the top brokers to use as a trading resource.

1. TD Ameritrade

One of the top brokers for beginner investors, TD Ameritrade offers its customers commission-free trading for exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and stocks. This broker also uses two remarkable online platforms to learn and perform research on.

You can purchase the broker TD Ameritrade now for cash, credit, or a qualifying deposit for up to $600.

2. Merrill: A Bank of America Company

This famous bank is also a broker someone can utilize when trading. Merrill Bank of America is known for its strong research abilities and educational offers. For up to $600 in cash credit, with a qualifying deposit, you can get Merrill as your broker.

3. E-Trade

One benefit of the broker E-Trade is its wide selection. You can get E-Trade as your broker for around $100 to $2500 with cash credit and a qualifying deposit.

Trading Resources for Beginners

As a beginner trader, you need specific and detailed online investing tips from trading resources. Some of the best beginner trading resources for beginners include the following:

1. Khan Academy

The creators of Khan Academy created it as a hub of resources for people looking to learn about exchanges, buying, and selling. Due to Khan Academy’s free cost and various trading skill level courses, it's one of the greatest investment resources.

2. Beginners Guide to Options Trading for Forex from Udemy

Forex from Udemy is one of the most volatile and accessible online stock resources. These two aspects of the Forex by Udemy trading resource makes trading easier.

Another benefit of Forex by Udemy is that it provides people with specific and tactical trading strategies. Unfortunately, these same characteristics also increase the chance of Forex from Udemy causing you to experience loss.

Investment Blogs

1. Tradeciety.com

Tradeciety is a trader’s blog that has info graphics, tools, and one of the best-ranked trading courses around. Tradeciety also exhibits YouTube videos on trading.

2. TraderFeed

TraderFeed is a blog that focuses on utilizing psychology to help people create an emotionally intelligent trading business. For example, TraderFeed uses psychology to regulate the minds and emotions of traders.

Time to Get Your Trading Business Started!

Now that you know the top trading resources, it's time to start your trading business.

Because of the times that we now live in, you no longer have to work on Wallstreet to become a trader. In fact, you can become a professional online trader anywhere due to technology. All you have to do is invest in yourself and the proper resources, and you'll be fine.

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