Working in finance requires a certain mindset, personality, and temperament. Understand these variables when you're shopping for gifts for a person who works in finance.

This way, your gift will hit its mark whether you're purchasing gifts for the holiday season, to celebrate an accomplishment, birthdays, or just because.

Consider these special gifts for finance person whenever the next big occasion arises.

1. A Personalized Money Clip

Whether you're shopping for a financial advisor or an investment banker, a money clip is a universal winner when you're buying a gift.

This gift has old school sensibilities written all over it, while still serving a functional purpose. Many people like to carry a certain amount of cash on them for their disposable purchases. It helps to manage which accounts or sources you're spending from.

Carrying wads of cash can also create psychological benefits and motivation to keep earning and achieving. Being able to touch the money lets them see the tangible result of their work.

Consider getting the money clip engraved, or purchasing one that is decorated with the logo or shield of their alma mater, fraternal organization, or other such groups they belong to.

Many clips also feature diamond settings and are made with 14K gold and other valuable materials. 

2. A Commemorative Flask

Enjoying a celebratory drink is customary no matter your industry. If you know the person you're buying a gift for recently enjoyed an accomplishment or participated in a deal with you, purchasing a personalized flask is an excellent way to commemorate this moment. 

Get the flask engraved with the date and a nice quote or some thoughts of your own. Make sure you take the time to actually enjoy a drink with each other out of this flask to solidify its sentimental importance. 

3. Subscriptions to Their Favorite Services or Publications

People in finance almost always have subscriptions of some kind. For one, there are a number of magazines and online publications that focus on the financial industry. 

Some publications that finance professionals often subscribe to include the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, Money, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, Fortune, The Economist, Entrepreneur, and Inc. 

Aside from these business-related publications, it's not uncommon for people in these fields to subscribe to luxury publications like the Robb Report. 

You can also gift them subscriptions to apps that professionals in the financial industry often use. Some of these subscriptions might include uValue, MarketScan, Thomas Reuters App, and CNC Business News. 

These subscriptions will keep them up to date and help these professionals do their jobs better. 

4. Coffee Makers and Gift Sets

Coffee is the energetic lifeblood of so many industries each day. So many people love having a caffeine boost in their day to help them do their best work. 

If the financial professional in your life also swears by their daily coffee, you'll want to take the time to shop around for some quality coffee gifts. Perhaps look into purchasing them either a top of the line coffee maker that is functional and quick, or a top of the line coffee maker that is an attractive countertop piece, and a brewer of exquisite gourmet coffee. 

Perhaps they're already fine with the coffee makers they have. In this case, consider purchasing them a gift set of some coffees you've come across in your travels, or a set that adds to their selections. 

When all else fails, a coffee shop gift card will be welcome and go to good use in any financial office. 

5. A Well-Made Watch

A nice time piece is like a championship belt to a person in the financial industry. These expertly engineered watches grow in value over the years, and are easy conversation starters among people who understand their time pieces. 

Without question, the Rolex is the creme de la creme anytime you're looking to gift someone a watch. There are several different selections you can choose between, including the Skydweller, Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, Day Date, Seadweller, Yacht Master, and Daytona. 

You can find different offerings of these Rolex watches year after year and should shop with an authorized dealer to make sure you're getting the highest quality and authenticity.

However, there are countless watches you can buy for $150 or less than still denote craftsmanship and prestige. Time pieces by Tissot, Seiko, Orient and other brands look expensive even though you can afford them on a budget. 

With time pieces, you can also mix and match different band, dial and bezel options until you get the exact fit that's best for the gift recipient's style. 

Make sure that you read up on watches to understand which bands go best with which styles of watches. You will also want to pair their watch with a warranty or a repair plan that can help them put it in the shop whenever they need to. 

If the watch is for a special occasion, include a customization like an engraved message that will make it mean even more to them. 

6. Finance-Based Board Games

Few things are more fun than letting your hair down and enjoying some board games. Research some finance-related board games for the professional that you're shopping for. 


In addition to old favorites like Monopoly, you can buy some finance board game selections like Cashflow 101, Charge Large, and Domion. These games are not only right in line with their interests, but it also creates a built-in reason to get people together to socialize. 

7. Purchase Luggage or Travel Gear

Finally, people in finance often travel a lot for work. They'll need some quality travel gear if they're constantly jumping on planes or hitting the road. 

Look into luggage sets, carry-on bags, toiletry kits and other items that will smooth out their travel process. 

Shop for the Best Gifts for Finance Person

Choosing the right gifts for finance guys will help you when an occasion comes about. People are more fulfilled in their professional and personal lives when they find a nice balance between them. 

Purchase a well-meaning, well-timed gift, can put things into context and remind your gift recipient what it's all about. 

If they are into home decor, you can find a gift in our investing or metallic wall art collections. If they are really picky, we have gift cards too!

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