With markets in turmoil amidst the 2020 stock market crash, for traders its more important than ever to keep up with the latest market news and insights. 

However, it's also important where you get your information. In times of great volatility, there are unique opportunities that don't come around all too often. At the same time, there is also the risk of substantial losses if you don't follow a solid trading strategy. 

No matter your trading style, it always helps to have sound information and advice at hand. Keep reading to discover our top five stock market blogs. 

1. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is one of the most popular stock market trading blogs on the block—and for good reason. They are currently the biggest stock macro analysis website and offer news and market tools.

Seeking Alpha is inherently a stock market trading community and they feature a wide variety of authors and market experts. 

Thanks to their varied content and diverse author base we consider them a staple among stock blogs, and one to be bookmarked. 

2. Hedgeye

The Hedgeye blog is founded by Keith McCullough, a brilliant trader with a strategy all of his own. A no-nonsense personality who doesn't beat about the bush, Keith is known for his humor as well as his market acumen. 

Besides publishing insightful blog posts on macroeconomics and putting out webinars, Hedeye is also a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha, earning them a firm stamp of approval. 

3. The Reformed Broker

Another of the top stock blogs to follow in 2020 is The Reformed Broker. The Reformed Broker is the personal platform of Josh Brown, a professional analyst, and trader. 

Although Josh appears on most major financial news networks on a weekly basis, he isn't averse to sprinkling his blog content with personal viewpoints and, like Hedgeye, a healthy dose of humor. 

If you follow The Reformed Broker you can expect to be exposed to whatever this investing pro is thinking, and get an insider's view into what is catching his attention in the markets. For this reason, we think The Reformed Broker is a valuable follow. 

4. Zero Hedge

If you are after the trading version of the ethical hackers' society in stock market blogs—you will find it in Zero Hedge. 

Zero Hedge has described financial journalism as a "flaccid institution" and through their platform, they proclaim to examine and attack it where necessary. 

Zero Hedge's aim is to provide analysts with information that is unbiased by institutions or political agendas. Acting as misinformation watchdogs, their content is one of the top trading resources for those wishing to question the status quo. 

5. MarketWatch

Although not solely a stock market blog, MarketWatch is a reliable source of economic and financial news, as well as industry insights. 

In short, a great place to get some good old fundamental info, which is why we deem it to be an essential news source for any trader. 

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