If you can master money, you can master life. 

This isn't hyperbole -- it's a mindset that can help you unlock your potential and live your dreams. It's true, money isn't everything. However, it's a necessity and a resource that can help you take care of your needs and wants so that you can have more control over your time and energy. 

Money is abundant and available to you when you master some foundational principles. 

Debt investing, real estate, budgeting, and other principles will help you build financial freedom. Build your financial library with the following literature suggestions. 

1. Think and Grow Rich

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself with all your debt under control, able to travel, explore your interests, and live with whatever luxury desire. 

No matter what that vision looks like for you, your ability to imagine it completely and then act on that vision will allow you to make it a reality. "Think and Grow Rich" taught people how to do that in 1937, and the principles still apply today. 

The Napoleon Hill classic continues to serve as an inspirational and educational roadmap for investors and entrepreneurs around the globe. 

This book is filled with timeless strategies that will shape your mindset whether you're investing in crypto, purchasing real estate, or playing the stock market. 

Make no mistake about it, the imagination isn't just a whimsical fantasy world, it's a cognitive tool that you can use to rewire your brain to generate wealth. Think and Grow Rich teaches you how to do this through journaling, visualization, affirmations, stating your definitive purpose, and attracting the resources you need in business and wealth generation. 

2. The Richest Man in Babylon

"The Richest Man in Babylon" is a fictional book that teaches timeless financial principles. In fact, many call in a financial bible. 

It's written as an ancient set of parables that easily allow the reader to digest the lessons. For instance, start thy purse to fattening is the first principle laid out in the book. It refers to the adage of stashing money away in savings before spending it on anything else. 

This way, you can always restock your coffers and make sure that you have money to get you through a financial emergency. 

It teaches other lessons, such as taking a percentage of your paycheck to invest so you can earn interest, get your expenses under control, and invest in real estate. Each principle in this book can be researched in-depth so that you have a practical and masterful understanding. 

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki's 1997 book quickly became a must-have for anyone learning about business and finance. It's filled with lessons that teach you about handling your money and making it work for you. 

In fact, getting your money to work for you is one of the most prevalent principles of the book. It explains that trading your time for money is always a fool's errand. When you're paid by the hour, or otherwise only paid based on the time that you put in, there's always a cap on your earning potential. 

However, when you create passive income, you'll get paid whether you work or not. For instance, coming out with a course, selling e-books, investing in real estate and other passive income strategies are the key to your financial freedom. 

These income streams allow you to go on vacation when you want, stay home when you're sick and allow you to live up to your financial earning potential. 

The book also lays out principles related to saving money, acquiring assets, and becoming your own boss. You'll come away from this book inspired and ready to take on your financial challenges. 

4. You Are a Badass at Making Money

"You Are a Badass at Making Money" teaches you to build financial confidence while undoing limiting beliefs. 

With this book, best selling entrepreneur Jin Sincero furthered the principles of her modern classic "You Are a Badass" by focusing on financial mindsets. She teaches the importance of goal setting, taking definitive action to correct your finances, making smart investments, and to persevere through inevitable financial setbacks. 

5. Money: Master the Game

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned motivational speaker who earns millions every year teaching people how to achieve personal and financial success. 

In one of his books, Money: Master the Game, he lays out the blueprint for investing and handling your finances. Tony explains things like the benefits of compound interest, becoming financially literate, learning all you can about a particular investment before diversifying, and building a rock-solid portfolio. 

Mastering the Game as explained by Tony Robbins will help you protect your financial life from emergencies that life brings about. It also teaches you to live a life of financial abundance that can help you live life on your terms. 



Read Books on Debt Investing and More

When you read up on debt investing and other topics, you'll always be in control of your financial life. These are principles that anyone can adopt, as long as there's a willingness and the ability to focus and persevere. 

Mastering money should be a top priority for everyone -- even if you're not a person who particularly cares about material things. Financial freedom buys you personal freedom and allows you to have control over more decisions in your life, along with access to more resources and luxuries. 

In addition to adding these books to your library, make sure you stock up on apparel and keepsakes that will supercharge your motivation. 

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