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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2019, Black Friday set a sales record both online and in-store. Total sales increased 4.2% from the year prior.

Online shopping pulled in over $7 billion in a single day. Shoppers cannot resist saving hundreds of dollars by diving into Black Friday. Retailers desperate to get a head start are opening early on Thanksgiving to attract shoppers.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to landing the best Black Friday haul. Explore the best Black Friday tips and tricks so that you get everything you need for the holiday season.  

Technology is not just here to stay -- it's evolving so fast that it's hard to keep up with. 

This is a good thing for both producers and consumers. The retail trader industry is using tech more than many others, and it's improving the shopping process. 

Read on to learn more about how technological development in retail is changing how we shop and how companies do business. 

When you're trying to build your nest egg, make some wise investments, and better manage your money, bringing in a professional is one of the best decisions you can make. Hiring an advisor can take your portfolio from ordinary to unstoppable. 

But what questions should you have for them? Read on to figure out what questions and points of information you should have ready when you reach out to a financial advisor. 

While day trading has always lent itself more easily to a remote work environment, virtual office setups remain on the rise in the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you've been calling in from your home office for a while or are still adjusting to the change, your workspace matters. There are certain principles of design, including Feng Shui, that can help turn any room into a productive, calming space that empowers you to be as efficient as possible.

Not sure where to begin? Today, we're sharing a few Feng Shui-inspired tips to help you work your hardest and feel your best. 

Do you have an IRA that you would love to use for trading, but aren’t sure whether you can? Trading from an IRA account appeals to some day traders because of the account’s tax-deferral feature. Traders can collect earnings from their trades without having to pay tax on their gains. The taxes are deferred until retirement for traditional IRAs. With Roth IRAs, you don’t pay any tax on your gains.  

So, if you like the idea of making money and saving money at the same time, read on. Discover how to use your IRA account for trading. 

At 18, you can open a personal investment account. 

Unlocked to you is an incredible opportunity to earn money through investing. With a bit of knowledge and capital, you may very well change your trajectory through life.

Getting started in the stock market isn't difficult. Of course, don't go headfirst into it without knowing what you're getting into either. For this, we've put together this simple guide on making your first investments.

The American people are barreling towards a retirement crisis. Unfortunately, far too many people are not saving for retirement. In fact, financial experts project that 55 percent of Americans are not saving enough money.

If you want to enjoy your retirement, it is time to start saving now. With dedication and the right moves, you could save up over a million dollars by the time you retire. The younger you start saving, the better your odds of becoming a millionaire are.

Read on to learn how to develop a retirement plan for young people. Explore topics like when to start planning for retirement and successful savings strategies.

New investors tend to approach the topic with big goals of residual income. It's that thought of having money work for you so you can sit back and relax.

Dividend stocks capture your attention for this reason.

What if you could get money each month for doing nada? Let's explore this idea and the concept of dividend investing.

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Cashback is one of the most popular benefits for today’s consumers. Surprisingly, far too many Americans do not take advantage of their reward programs.

Did you know that 31% of credit cardholders have never redeemed their cashback rewards? Many people are just ignorant of the rewards accruing on their account.

Once you are aware of cashback, you will never shop the same way again. There are many websites that allow you to accrue cashback while shopping.

Read on to learn about cashback sites like Ebates that help you save money. Explore the concept of cashback and how to find the best deals online.

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Do you want to be the best at day trading? Do you want to benefit from understanding market psychology?

If so, you'll build your skills—from the inside out.

Part of being the best is understanding trading psychology so you have a well-developed investment perspective.

Learn about the top trading psychology books to improve your knowledge and skills in the day trading ga

Summer is here and it is time to get in shape. Nearly 50% of all women are meeting their recommended aerobic activity levels. This means that millions of women are routinely running or working out at the gym.

For many women, there is a secondary motive for working out. They relish the opportunity to wear the hottest active styles.

Read on to learn how to look good at the gym. Explore 5 must-have items for women so that you look stylish while working out.

Traveling with children is not easy. You are likely to hear a lot of complaints and make far too many pit stops. It can be a strain on your mental health and your wallet.

However, family vacations provide you with the opportunity to make lifelong memories. Your children will always remember that special summer trip.

While extra bathroom breaks are a certainty, you do not have to break the bank. Read on for a comprehensive guide to planning a family vacation on a budget. Explore tips for taking an affordable vacation with your family.